What Does a Car's Timing Belt Do?

The internal combustion engine is a complex mechanism that requires the perfect timing of several different components to run smoothly. When the timing belt begins to wear out, you'll notice the engine begin to run poorly. If the belt breaks, the engine will stop running and refuse to start.

Inside your car's engine, there are four or more pistons that move up and down. At the same time, valves open and close to let in fuel or let out exhaust. This high speed dance happens as the crankshaft and camshaft turn separately. The timing belt turns both shafts and keeps them in perfect synchronization. This is why the engine stops running when it breaks.

Here at Lithia Nissan of Fresno, our service center technicians can inspect your vehicle's timing belt and replace it if it needs to be. Stop by at our location in Fresno or make an appointment.

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