Tire Pressure and Why It Matters

Tires are one of the many things that contribute towards making your vehicle drive down the road. However, as important as it is to have good tires on your vehicle, it’s equally important to have correct tire pressure. Stop in at Lithia Nissan of Fresno and have one of our techs check your tire pressure.

Every tire requires a certain amount of maximum tire pressure. You’ll find these amounts listed on the side of the tire. While these are very informative, it’s important to realize that they are the recommended amounts for that specific tire brand and size but are not necessarily the recommended amounts for your vehicle. The amounts the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle – to give you the best possible ride- can be found in the owner’s manual and on the inside of your driver’s door.

If you’re still uncertain about your tire pressure, stop in at our Fresno service center and we’ll check it out!

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