Facts About Spare Tires: Compact or Full-Size?

Spare tires are for emergency situations. Most new cars have a spare tire that is stored in the trunk. These types of tires are often called donuts because they are not meant to be used longer than necessary.

These are different depending on the manufacturer and model of your car. A compact spare tire is a small tire that is typically marked with a "T" at the tire shop. These tires are made for short-term, emergency use.

Full size spare tires is either near or exactly the size as your other tires. While this tire does take up more space in your trunk, it is better for long-term use as it will not cause as many alignment or load problems as a compact tire. You can talk to Lithia Nissan of Fresno about getting a spare tire. They have a great selection and can answer any question about what tire is best for your vehicle.
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