Reasons Your Engine May Be Overheating

The cooling system is a vital component of any vehicle that can cause very serious damage to an engine if not monitored regularly. That is the reason for the temperature gauge display on the dashboard. However, all vehicles to do not come with an actual temperature gauge, as many vehicles come only with a light indicating trouble, often after the true damage has occurred.

This can be a real problem for vehicle owners, and it is imperative to keep a close watch on the antifreeze level as well as other components of the cooling system, and the water pump in particular. There are other components as well that can cause overheating such as worn belts and hoses that are used to help circulate the coolant. Compromised water pump and head gaskets can also cause engines to run hot as well. While water pump repair can be relatively simple, this is not the case with engine heads.

Never let your vehicle overheat for any reason. Always take your car to a certified technician like our automotive pros at Lithia Nissan of Fresno who know how to inspect for overheating damage.

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