Nissan Rogue vs. Rogue Sport

Nissan Rogue vs Nissan Rogue Sport

Since time immemorial people have strived to determine winners of history’s greatest rivalries. Cats vs. dogs, mustard vs. ketchup, Star Wars vs. Star Trek, and now, Nissan Rogue vs. Nissan Rogue Sport. Two revolutionary SUVs, both amazing in their own right, but which is right for you? Well, here at Lithia Nissan of Fresno we decided to create the definitive guide to these two standout vehicles so that you can make the right choice…

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What do Nissan's dashboard warning lights mean?

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So, you’re driving along, maybe listening to the radio, and what’s this? Your Check Engine light turns on! What do you do?
We’ve all been there. At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, we want you to be safe and informed while on the road, so we’ve put together a list of the five most important indicator lights on your dashboard. We’re here to explain what they mean, and what you should do to address them.
Check Engine Light
Chances are you’ve seen this light before. It’s one of the most common - and also one…
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The Lemoore Air Show

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There’s nothing quite like seeing the Blue Angels in flight. Those shining symbols of the United States Navy streaking across the sky, it is truly awe-inspiring. That’s why Lithia Nissan of Fresno is proud to announce that we are sponsoring the 2019 Lemoore Air Show, featuring the Blue Angels! The show takes place on Saturday, September 21st, and Sunday, September 22nd, at Naval Air Station Lemoore. The entire show is free and open to the public, including parking. 
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The New Versa and Rogue Sport

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At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, one of the reasons we love the Nissan brand is because they are always innovating. They produce some of the safest, most advanced vehicles on the road, and they always keep going forward. More style, more safety, more capability: you can always count on Nissan to push boundaries. With that in mind, we want to highlight a couple of upcoming Nissan model redesigns: the 2020 Versa and 2020 Rogue Sport.
The All-New 2020 Versa
Launching late this summer, the All-New 2020 Versa is a game-changer for compact sedans. 
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Celebrate the Fourth in Fresno!

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Happy 4th of July Fresno! Independence Day is right around the corner, do you know how you’re celebrating? At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, we recommend kicking off the 4th with a dazzling deal on a great new Nissan! We’ll be open our normal hours to deliver red, white, and blue savings all day long. If you’re looking for something around town to do, we’ve got you covered there too. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite Fresno 4th of July events for you and your family!
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The Award Winning 2019 Altima

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At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, we love the all-new, redesigned 2019 Altima. It takes everything you liked about the previous version and elevates it to a new level of greatness. We’re not the only ones who think so either. In fact, it was just awarded as one of Autotrader’s “12 Best New Cars for 2019”. Brian from Autotrader said, "A new high-tech turbo engine, the option of all-wheel drive and a host of driver assist [sic] are part of the reason we added the updated Altima to our list this year.” Here are a few reasons why you…
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Cinco De Mayo – A Celebration of Mexican Culture

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At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, we’re proud to both serve and employ many members of our community of Mexican heritage. To honor them, we thought we would take a look back at the history of one of Mexico’s proudest moments, Cinco De Mayo!
Cinco De Mayo is celebrated around the world, but most notably in Mexico and The United States. Contrary to what many people think, Cinco De Mayo does not commemorate Mexico’s independence from Spain, which is celebrated in September. It’s actually the date that the Mexican army defeated an invading French army at the…
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