Noisy Truck Behind You? That Might Actually Be Your Brakes

Signs of brake failure are all-too-often blamed on factors outside your car itself. If you've been sliding a bit lately as you brake, don't blame it on slippery pavement. In fact, it probably means your brakes are in need of service. If you've been hearing a screeching or grinding noise and think it is coming from big old garbage truck behind you, think again. Worn calipers and rotors can make some pretty funky sounds, many of which drivers often fail to realize are coming from their own car.

Modern brake pads come equipped with wear indicators that squeal when your pads need replacing - but the noises they make aren't always easily recognizable, especially if you've got the stereo cranked up or heat at full blast. Truth is, having your brakes inspected before they start causing trouble can often save you quite a bit of money in the long run.

On top of requiring periodic replacement, brakes can also use periodic maintenance. The most common maintenance for your brake system is a brake fluid flush. This process eliminates all of all old fluid and replaces it with fresh fluid. The reason this is necessary is that brake fluid retains water, and too much water can lead to rust in the lines. This water can also lower the boiling point of the fluid, and boiling brake fluid can cause damage to the seals inside the brake system.

Drivers from across Fresno can put a stop to all their brake-related questions by calling the parts and service experts at Lithia Nissan. Our team of experts is trained to handle all of your routine service needs, from brake repair to oil changes, tire rotations and diagnostic checks. You can schedule a brake appointment by calling (855) 269-3603 or by using our free e MyLithia Service App. Remember: it's never too early to get ahead of brake trouble!

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