Quick and Accurate Trade-In Estimates, Available Online

At Lithia Nissan of Fresno, we know that the trade-in is a big part of vehicle buying process for many of our customers, and we want to help make the process as smooth and as easy as possible. If you have a vehicle that you're considering either selling for cash or trading in and using its value towards your next purchase, the estimating calculator tool on this page can help.

Trade-In and Trade Up

Access this calculator anytime you're ready. It's available when you are, and it can quickly and easily help you get an estimate for what your older vehicle might be worth at the dealership.

Through this form, tell us a little more about your car, including the brand name, model name, model year, trim level, and condition. We'll use all of this data to crunch some numbers and get back to you with an estimated value for what you can expect as a trade. Final numbers are dependent on an in-person inspection of the vehicle at our Fresno dealership.

From there, you can use this trade in and put it towards the purchase or lease of one of our high-quality, brand-new Nissan models, or you can use it to help you save money on a used vehicle instead.

Cash for Cars in Fresno

Looking to sell your old vehicle and not trade it in? We can help with that as well. This is a no-obligation process, which means you can choose to buy from us after estimating your vehicle, or not. The choice is yours.

If you do decide to sell it to us rather than trade it in, our finance center team can ensure you get a fair and honest deal that you can trust.

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Take advantage of this tool, and other great financing tools we have available online, and begin your personalized automotive journey, soon.