Prolong the Life of Your Tires by Rotating Them at Lithia Nissan

The hardworking crew here at Lithia Nissan know our clients lead busy lives. With frequent obligations to your family, friends and business, it can be easy to forget to schedule the kind of routine maintenance that your car needs to perform as efficiently as possible, and working as hard as you do. Where do we see this trend occur the most? Tire rotations. As long as they're not flat, tire maintenance often goes overlooked by the average driver. However, periodic rotation can help keep your tires in good shape for miles to come.

The tires on the front of your vehicle wear in a different pattern than those on the rear. Additionally, your tires typically carry slightly more weight than the rear ones. Those two details are what can cause uneven tread wear, which can result in your tires needing replacement prematurely. Rotating your tires mover the rear ones to the front and vice versa. This allows the tires to wear in a different pattern, which can help extend their life.

In addition to periodic rotations, you should also look into having the tires balanced and you vehicle's alignment checked. Balancing not only prevents vibrations at certain speeds, but it also helps prevent patchy tire wear. An alignment pulls the angle of the wheels back to within the manufacturer's specifications, allowing them to wear as the manufacturer intended.

Can't remember the last time you had your tires rotated or balanced? Growing weary of poor corner traction or unreliable handling? Been a while since you last had your vehicle aligned? Visit the expert team of parts and service techs at Lithia Nissan of Fresno today at 5580 North Blackstone Avenue . You can also schedule an appointment by calling (855) 269-3603 or by using our free using our free MyLithia Service App.

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